Trailer for 100 t-shirts

Kiruna konstgille with Kiruna Guidetur and Hotell Kebne presents 100 t-shirts was an art exhibition displayed at Kiruna City Hall from 1-28 of August 2015. About 80 artists and designers, all with some kind of Kiruna connection, participated in the exhibition wich showed over 100 uniquely designed t-shirts.

Magnus Fredriksson at Bortbyting, with the help of Martin Eriksson at TCB i Kiruna AB, for the music, made this trailer for the event, a 20 second stop motion film where (almost) all of the shirts are tried on.

Bortbyting also created designs for the marketing of the event like posters, booklet and marketing t-shirts. you can see the poster, with the exhibition logotype, below:

100 t-shirts

Year: 2015

Client: Kiruna konstgille

Category: Commissioned film

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