Building Pikku part four, hands

Pikku will need two pair of hands in the film. One pair of regular rod controlled hands. I make them with a jeansbutton to attach the rod, wich I make from a wire hanger. The second pair have to have movable fingers for som subtle movement in a couple of scenes. The two pairs also have to be easy to switch.

Regular hands

I make the arm of some thicker foam that I cut a little bit rounder. I also cut a bit in the elbow to make the arm more bendable. In the shoulder I attach a leather strap that I make a small hole in. on the inside of Pikku I put a wedge through the hole. By removing the wedge I can easily exchange arms.


Gripping hands

The pair of hands that have to be able to grip I cut out aof a piece of puzzlemat from Rusta. I cut grooves where the fingers are going to bend and put a thread through the fingers and the hand.

The wrist of the foam hand I attach to the tube of a 100 yen toy nunchucku. This will be the lower arm. I reinforce the hand with a piece of stiff plastick and put some foam around the nunchucku pipe and attach an upper arm of foam (just like the upper part of the regular arm. then I cover the arm in fur.