Building Pikku foam puppet

Building Pikku part two, foam

Cutting an building Pikku in foam

When the paper prototype is done and scaled to fit my hand I start building Pikku in foam. I start by tracing the pattern on the foam and then carving out the pieces by using a sharp knife. For Pikku i use a 1 cm thick foam.

Building pikku iso UV-map

Gluing it all togeather

Then I open up the smelly contact cement to glue everything together. Once done I have a complete puppet base.

bilding pikku iso foam

Next I cut a mouthplate from a piece of puzzle mat i got from Rusta. I glue the mouthplate in place, carefylly forming the beak.

To give more support to the eye area I also glue a piece of hobby foam behind Pikkus forehead before carving his eyesockets..

Building Pikku Iso hobby foam