Building Pikku's house

Building Pikku’s house

Pikku’s house is an old and creaky Torne valley house with kitchen and livingroom on the first floor. Second floor has a Bedroom and a Nintendo room. Everything has become a bit crooked over the years, but Pikku keeps the house in good shape.

Pattern for Pikku’s house

I will build the house of foamboard and cardboard for details like windowframes and corner moldings. But I start by creating a pattern for the house using Light Wave 3d, just as I did when I made Pikku himself.

Pikku's house in light wave 3d

Just like when I created Pikku I make an UV-map of all the parts in Light Wave 3d. I save the UV-map as eps and print it out. I then copy the pattern to the foambard and cut each part out. Then it is time for glueing.

Pikku's house huset_foamboard

Glueing and detailing Pikku’s house

One by one I glue the pieces together and start creating detils like the windowframes (that I cut from the cover of Yuki’s sketch book). After many hours of glueing, cutting and piecing togeather, I have this:

Pikku's house all white

Now it’s time to start painting the house. I use acrylic color and a rough bristle to get a lot of texture. I also paint each layer in a slightly different shade to get a nice shift in colors.

Pikku's house with paint

Next I start with the front door and the porch. The door will never be opened in the film, so a glued door is good enough. The porch pillars and fence are made of cardboard and the broom is made from a wooden roasting stick (for shishkebab) and some balsa wood. The ligts are made with a battery powered light chain from Rusta that I duckttape to the right places.

I also paper the walls with cutouts from a magazine to give some more life behind the windows. I also cut some curtains from some old cloth.

Finally I glue in place some gutters that I made from paper straws i found at Clas Ohlsson.


Building pikku's house

Next step is the hill and area around the house.