I am a rock

If you are going to drown yourself in the river, you will need a good rock. Pikku’d drowning rock is made of cardboard, lots of duct tape, advertisements, wallpaper glue, texture gel and acrylic paint.

I started by taping some cardboard together into a stone-like shape.

I then covered the card board “rock” with advertisements from  El-giganten, dipped in wall paper glue. I then left the rock on the radiator to dry for a few days.

When dry, I painted the rock with texture gel.

This step might not really be necessary, but it gave the rock a slightly more sand-like texture and I had the texture gel laying around.

Finally, I painted the rock with a few layers of acrylic paint to get a stone-like surface and tied a rope around it. Pikku is now ready to drown himself in the closest hole in the ice unless a ghost woman happens to stop him.