Pikku’s loft

I choose to build Pikku’s loft in a larger scale than the exteriors. Mostly because the scale would make it less fiddely and easier to reach inside.

I started with walls made of foamboard.

Pikkus loft

The floor of Pikku’s loft

I started by painting the floor dar brown. I then cut numerous strips of something called Finnboard. Finnboard is a matte type of cardboard. I painted the floorboards with badly mixed acrylic paint to get a lot of variation in coloring. Then i gave them a little bit of wood texture with a smaller brush.

Pikkus loft


I papered the walls with some papers from Yuki’s scrapbooking pile. I also printed out a poster and pinned it to the wall and built some furniture out of foamboard and cardboard.

Pikkus loft

Finally i gled the floorboards to the floor. i also built a few books and comics to spread around the room. The reason there are no control pads for the Nintendo is because Pikku will be holding one in his hands, wich I will shoot with a real controller. The other one will be in storage, never used (wich is a storypoint). Therefore I only need a cable coming out of the NES.

 Pikkus loft - Pikku's loft