Welcom (back) to Isopikkujärvi

Now is the time to assemble all parts of Isopikkujärvi. I started this by glueing pieces of foam to the cylinder to create snowbanks, hills and some roughness to the terrain. I then cover all of this in white fleece. fleece might nog be the best snow you can imagine, but it’s cheaper than the alternatives. I glue the fleece to the foam and cylinder with a smelly spray glue. in some spots I had to bring back out the thread and needle.


Isopikkujärvi lighting association

Along the village road there will be a row of streetlights. how I was going to make theese was a lot of headache until I woke up one morning with a sour throat.

The glass part of the lampshade is made from the bubble pack, the one you press your thumb on to dispence the pill, of a used pack of Strepsils.


The metal part of the lamp is made from paper and puzzle mat. finally I push a diode through the lamp and attach a piece of wire hanger to it. I also solder cables to the diode. Theese cables I will connect to a battery in the inside of the Isopikkujärvi cylinder.


When I connect the lamsp it will hopefully light up like this 8hopefully since a couple of diodes in each pack from Clas Ohlsson seems to be broken).

Darkness reigns in Isopikkujärvi

I then start attaching the pieces randomly to the cylinder. Next I will solder, connect and install the electricity to the village. This part is a bit delayed since I unfourtenately bough a Coltech solder iron. It broke after two cables and the tip collapsed into itself (I guess it melted on the inside?). The handle is now hotter than the tip. Rubbish!