Kaisa & Harax mushrooms -svampplockningen

Kaisa & Harax²


Animated short from 2011

Mushrooms was one of the three final Kaisa & Harax²-films completed in 2011. It premiered at svtB during christmas the same year.

In Mushrooms, Kaisa and Harax² are about to pick some mushrooms -only the finest are good enough for Kaisa. But poor Harax² hasn’t quite figured out  wich ones are the finest.

After a few mushroom related mistakes by Harax², he finds the perfect mushroomspot, but he hasn’t checked for wasps…

 Later svt also made a Sami dub of the film for the Sami childrens program.

Run time:


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3 min


Filmpool Nord AB och svt.

Norrbottens Läns Landsting