Lukas' Dad

is not a Rabbit

Animated short from 2008

Lukas’ dad dissapeared without a trace when Lukas was little. As a grown up he has just moved to the city to start working as a news videographer at a local TV-station.

Lukas thinks his dad is dead but when his new neighbour, Rebecca, finds some clues to the contrary, it’s the start of an adventure in a world of patriotic super heroes, scheming super villains and gigantic battle robots.

With Anton Raukola, Sara Pietikäinen, Ronny Eriksson och Staffan Westerberg and many more.

The film has been screened at svtB, YLE and won first prize in the childrens category at Northern Character in Murmansk 2011.

Run time:


In co-production with:

With support from:

30 min


Filmpool Nord AB, svt.

Norrbottens Läns Landsting, Norrbottens länsstyrelse, Norrskenet AB, Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrbotten, Konstnärsnämnden and Vattenfall Inlandskraft